Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Products


Sorry it has been a while since my last post, but I've been busy at designing new cutters in addition to everything else going on in life..!

I am really proud of my most current design because I feel that it will be able to extend itself to the entire community. All the other designs on the website are easy to make, but realistically are just too difficult and expensive to ship to people across the country and globe... Taking that into account I've been trying to reduce the size of the hand held and table top cutter to become smaller and smaller and smaller so that they can not only ship in a box but also be functional to those that use them.

To give myself a big pat on the back, I've actually come up with a revolutionary design that I think will blow everyone away..! However, there is one catch...

I was about to post my design when I considered the profitability in this cutter. Not so much so that I intend on making millions!! off of my users and subscribers. But more-so that if one of the big box companies see or find my design, they might end up stealing it, patenting it, and selling it for their own profitability.

For this reason, I have delayed the release and production of my current invention and have sought the consultation of a patent agent. We have begun preliminary discussions regarding this invention and hope to have a decision in the near future regarding whether or not I'd want to proceed for a patent or release it to the general public.

I still have a lot more diagrams to make and descriptions to write in order to make it official, but I hope to have everything released to the public in the near future!

So SORRY! for the delay, but it will be worth it to all of us and the community in the end