Sunday, January 2, 2011

RC Wings

Hey Guys -

Time for my first blog..!

This will be a quick note just to give y'all some reference on where my next project/update is going for the website.

As many of you will notice, I have a variety of cutters and cutting designs that I had adapted from online sources and my imagination (naturally!) But one thing that I get constant questions on is how to cut foam cores for RC Plane wings.

Now, if you go to the website (, under the links section I do have some other reference websites for RC planes, and certainly send me an email if you have others that you know of. But that would be a great start for some of you.

But what I have found is that there are two ways that people are cutting wings. Some use a bow cutter, which I simply call the Large Hand Held Cutter under my design section. But another is a hand-block system which has fallen into my favor and a few other people that I have helped.

Basically with a hand block cutter, you have a block of wood on the far side of the table (or a bolt) with an eye hook that mounts your nichrome wire. Then the naked wire spans your entire wing to terminate on a wooden block that you hold in your hand. Hence, a "hand-block cutter".

It is a bit difficult to explain, but here are two videos that should help ::

Bow Cutter Method
    ( )

Hand Block Method
    ( )
     This user also has a website ::

Check out those two links. I know that the bow cutter video uses an alternative power source than your normal DC power, but it just goes to show if you know your wire properties and power supply limitations you can make most anything work!

So hopefully I'll have the Hand-Block section completed under the design section soon. Actually, someone who had contacted me through the site (John), who I subsequently made the hand-block system for, will be supplying me with pictures of his rig. He makes the delta series flyers and says they work quite well. That way y'all can get an idea of how they work and I'll try to get some videos going shortly.

__ Update :: 01.08.10 __

The long search is OVER!! 

John was able to find a website that supplies 3" extruded polystyrene, in addition to a variety of other materials, at 12"x24" sections

     ( )

This is great for anyone wishing to have a little more meat on their foam when cutting out a wing!

I have contacted the website moderators and should have a link to their site on hotwirefoamcutterinfo shortly..!

Take CARE!
-carlo, the hotwire guy