Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011, 1202 - YouTube Update

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for visiting our blog and here are some brief links for the most recent YouTube Update (2011, 1202)

Main Link to JacobsOnline -
Step Down Transformers -

I have selected the XFR-1006D as my primary power supply. As a sneak preview, here is the diagram I showed in the video but will be creating a custom power supply within the next month or so.

This electrical arrangement will allow for three power states from this supply - 6v8.3a, 6v16.7a, 12v8.3a - when the DPDT switch toggles the circuit to series (double voltage), parallel (double amperage), & off (single voltage, single amperage.

All that for a transformer under 30 bucks!! (yes yes... there are other costs in the switches, etc, but c'mon 30bucks!)

Stay tuned for more videos!