Saturday, August 30, 2014


Just another question on AC or DC power supplies. Seems to be common.

when we say power supply requirement is 12 volt 2 amp .does this mean that we need a power supply to convert 230 volt ac supply to 12 volt dc or ac.

For Nichrome Wire, it doesn’t matter if it is AC or DC. You just want to make sure your power supply has enough power (wattage) to handle the circuit’s current (amperage). I usually tell people that 2 amp is kind of your minimum. If you can find a 4 amp power supply you’ll be able to have a wider range of wire temperatures. 

Also, remember that the voltage is constant and amperage is a function of your wires resistance. So depending on your circuit, and depending on your voltage setting, you may only require 2.5 amps to heat rather than the full power supply’s 4 amps… Just remember voltage is constant, amperage is variable based on wire/circuit resistance