Sunday, August 21, 2011

Custom RC Wings (.com)

Hello again!

In my efforts to continuously bring all things NiChrome to the attention of my readers, I had come across a video by one of the subscribers on my youtube account (LetsCutFoam).

Brandon over at has used his genius as a mechanical engineer and aeronautics enthusiast to create a home built / DIY CNC hot wire foam cutter! The thing is absolutely amazing.

Check out the video here :

Now don't get me wrong, I bet there are probably 3 other people that would be able to build on of these set ups, so my hats off to Brandon for what he was able to put together. I have requested that he submit an article for me to add to my new page of "User Submitted Content." It is my first official submission, as everything else is just pictures on people own foam cutters.

I like Brandon's cutter because not only is it a great DIY CNC cutter, it has a lot of really great design features for those that wish to build a manual version of his cutter. Personally, I'm in the process of building a large table cutter for my work shop and have been collecting ideas from around the web. So pieces like this are great inspiration and it's always great to see what other people design. If you take the time to really sit and digest what he has created, you'll have a lot of great ideas you can apply to large and small cutters alike.

As previously stated, I really doubt that many of you will be able to build something like this, and I KNOW I can't. BUT the good news is that Brandon is selling foam cores from his website for RC airplanes! His prices are very reasonable and for what you're receiving is mountains better than what you'd find at many commercial sites. Plus, having the personal touch of a small scale production is worth it's weight in gold!

I'll be adding this website among the latest updates to my affiliates and making a mention on youtube, so stay tuned!


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